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China markets get obliterated. This is why you need to pay attention.

It’s been an ugly week for Chinese equities, but today’s performance is a whole other level of ugly: Today marked the fourth largest decline of the Shanghai Composite in two decades. We’ve discussed the insane valuations on the Shanghai and Shenzen stock-exchange before. As our regular readers will know, today’s fireworks have been a long time in […]

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China’s equity bubble is going supernova

A supernova is a stellar explosion that is so bright it momentarily outshines the entire galaxy. The most massive supernovae are caused by stars which collapse under their own gravity, sending massive shockwaves radiating outwards into space.   Any onlooker happening to see a supernova might be forgiven for thinking that these super-bright objects are the most awesome stars in the sky […]

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Breach shows government can’t protect data. But FBI wants to abolish encryption anyway.

By now, everyone has heard that the US government was “hacked” by Chinese hackers who may or may not have been affiliated with the Chinese government.   President Obama wasted little time in stirring up the hornet’s nest by pointing the finger at the Chinese premier and demanding that China take responsibility for the breach.  The […]

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Scary: 38 million men that can’t get a date.

Here’s a scary concept:   38 million men that can’t get get a date. That’s China today.   After decades of “one child policy” and horrific levels of female infanticide, the current demographic landscape is hopelessly imbalanced.   China has too many men. While the imbalance has begun to stabilize in recent years, it will probably take decades […]

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