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Is the Fed going to attempt a controlled collapse?

As most Fed watchers know, last week was interesting because Janet Yellen, speaking at IMF came out and said something quite surprising.  In a nutshell, she said “It’s not the Fed’s job to pop bubbles”.   While many market participants immediately took this to mean, “To the moon, Alice!” and started buying equities hand over fist, there’s […]

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IMF admits that central bank policies aren’t working

Speaking at the World Economic Forum, “our girl” (Tim Geithner’s term) Christine Lagarde announced to a largely unsurprised audience that stimulus measures weren’t actually doing much of … well, anything.   Using carefully crafted lingo intended to preserve the believability of now failed monetary policies, Lagarde spun it like this: The measures to sustain demand, despite the […]

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Did the “central banks’ central bank” just call for a stock-market collapse?

Don’t look now, but the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), which is often referred to as the “central banks’ central bank”, just advised the world’s central banks to stage a market collapse now rather than later. For anyone claiming that the many global critics of central banks are a “bunch of doomers”, that argument has now been […]

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