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Oops! Philly Fed Admits QE widens inequality

Once again, the Federal Reserve proves that it’s the last one to know everything that we knew already.   Today’s stunning announcement:  The Philadelphia Fed admits they (“may have”) made the wealthy wealthier and Main Street poorer. Oops.  Sorry America. The Philly Fed insists that “redistributing wealth” to the wealthy isn’t the main idea, but just a potential side […]

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Never go full retard: Bloomberg calls for “helicopter money”

Clive Crook, a member of Bloomberg View’s editorial board, has gone where the sensible have long feared to tread.  In today’s Bloomberg View, he recommends stimulating the economy by just giving everyone free money. Crook also may have set a Bloomberg View record for getting everything so wrong, so quickly.   By his third sentence Clive is clearly lost. […]

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There are no such thing as perpetual-motion devices, Mrs. Yellen

Up until the late 1600′s, before Newton penned his brilliant “first law”, many inventors tried to create what were called perpetual motion machines.   These machines, once set in motion, would literally run forever on a single push.  Or so the theory went.  Needless to say, no one managed to create a source of infinite energy from wood, […]

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