Check out these humiliating CNBC stats

It’s no secret that CNBC is in deep trouble.   Viewers are abandoning the station in droves.   The always-bullish network, which made a name for itself by doling out faux-investment advice from overly made-up, former prom queens, has now released it’s latest viewership statistics.  The picture is grim. CNBC viewership has now fallen to numbers not seen since 1997!

CNBC viewership_0

CNBC: So much for “First in Business”. Perhaps it’s time for a new slogan?

Could it be that audiences have had enough of the endless flow of BS?   Could it be that people have finally figured out that the so-called “news content” is just one giant commercial, bought-and-paid for by those who profit from generating public bullishness?

What’s most humiliating is that CNBC’s number-one icon, Jim Cramer, is now not as successful as an average financial blog, with a mere 2000 viewers in a day.  That’s right, just 2000 viewers — for a major prime-time show.



Cramer Daily Nielsen_0   Think about that for a minute:  The iconic-figurehead that continuously dismisses the blogosphere is being illegitimate, has a lower viewership than thousands of financial blogs. We can’t imagine why.

Among the worst calls in history.

Among the worst calls in history.


Perhaps now would be a good time to remember what Jim Cramer once said about the objectivity of numbers:

“I mean it’s the most objective industry in the world. If your numbers stink, you’re out. If your numbers are good, you get more money. It’s the most Darwinian, it’s beautiful, it’s brutal, it works.” – Jim Cramer

So… I guess that means with a pathetic 2000 viewers in a day,  “you’re out”, eh Jim?