Infographic: The Great Baby-Boomer Housing Bust is Coming!

We started to write this up as a blog-post, and got a bit carried away in photoshop.

So, now it’s an infographic.  Feel free to repost (as long as you keep our logo and URL and fine-print in place!)

We hope you enjoy it!


You can’t stop the tsunami


  • Bluesworx

    Being a boomer myself I can certainly see the above scenario play out as stated, but it doesn’t seem that simple. While I don’t dispute the conclusions, I’d like to see the data above correlated with housing
    starts and supply. After all people do have to live somewhere, there
    is still a supply demand curve and our population isn’t shrinking. Also I don’t see immigration (legal or
    otherwise) coming to a halt.

    boomers are selling and younger generations don’t buy due to debt, income or
    lifestyle perhaps we will see more renters than in the past; investors and speculators buy and/or restructure housing supply rather a major price collapse. Also for those boomers that are at least semi prepared for retirement I can see pockets real estate catering to their lifestyle (city, golf, country etc.) becoming very expensive.