Nigel Farage: “It’s like good old Soviet times!” — Must Watch!

For those who haven’t yet seen Nigel Farage’s latest rant against the absurdity of European “democracy”, this is classic Farage.   Please watch and pass this on!

Partial Nigel Farage transcript European Parliament, Strasbourg, July 15, 2014 as transcribed by NotQuant:

“If this is European democracy in action this morning, I suggest we have a re-think”

“We’re told that as a result of the European elections that Mr. Juncker here is the nominee.  Well I can tell you that absolutely nobody in the United Kingdom knew that when they voted in the European election it had anything to do with the next nominee.”

“And the truth of it is, your voters actually in your countries didn’t realize what this process was.  Mr. Juncker’s name did not appear on any single ballot paper.  And the whole thing has been the most extraordinary stitch-up.  The loser, Mr. Schulz gets the consolation prize of being an unprecedented second term president in the Parliament.  I mean it’s all just a pretense that we’re increasing democracy.”

“Well let’s just  have a think about the process we’re about to engage in:  We’re all going to be asked to vote and we’ve all got one candidate to vote for.   [laughter]  I mean it’s like good old Soviet times, isn’t it?   Surely, democracy means you rather get more of a choice than one.   But I think it’s far worse than that: It’s going to be a secret ballot.  I mean you really couldn’t invent it, could you?”

“Hard on the heels of a European election, our voters are not going to know how any of us have voted.  I would say to you Mr. Schultz as president of the Pariament that Parliament shouldn’t vote in secret.  The whole point of being publicly elected representatives is we should be held accountable for our actions to our own voters.  And to be asked to vote in secret I think it’s a huge insult to voters to ask us to vote in secret.  [applause]“

  • uglyamerican

    I’m too ignorant to know who this is, and too lazy to research it, but I would sure vote for him for president.

    • ChezKiva

      He’s the quintessential model citizen of the UK, and one hell of a great speech writer. Nobody touches this man’s ability to put it on the line.

      • nugjuice

        Well put. My favorite thing about Farage is his calm way of picking someone apart when they are sitting 5 feet from him. He speaks his mind and doesn’t mince words. The Ron Paul on the other side of the pond

  • burdurky

    Farage said he will not be there in 5 years, where will he be? Somewhere where I can keep laughing when he gives many more entertaining and concise speeches I hope. I love how he so effortlessly exposes how seemingly corrupt all these political and financial systems really are at their very cores. When I stop laughing I reflect on what he is actually implying, and I worry. Is democracy a lie?

  • Steve3

    Brussells is all about personal power plays and coveted positions of individuals, and not about doing the best for the people of Europe full stop