Must Watch: Warren destroys Yellen’s position on “Too Big to Fail”.

This dialogue hasn’t received nearly as much attention as it deserves.

As we predicted this morning, Warren would grill Yellen over TBTF.  And Yellen would do little more than say the Fed is “looking into it”.

Sure enough, Yellen repeatedly attempted to deflect the issue.  Warren was having none of it.

This single clip summarizes the entire issue with TBTF:  It is abundantly clear that the Fed has zero intention of addressing the issue.

There’s so much here it’s hard to know where to begin.   Elizabeth Warren hits the nail exactly on the head:

The purpose of section 165 of Dodd Frank is to insure that there is a credible, rapid and orderly mechanism for resolving failed banks.  

If such a mechanism does not exist, the authority to break up the bank is granted.  

In the case of JP Morgan, such a mechanism does not exist. 


  • somas wodi

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    • cowboybob

      take your meds like the good Doc said, you will be more coherent. I know that the manic-depressant types hate to take their meds because they miss their manic phase where they think they are so creative. Profanity never impresses one as being very intellectual.

    • anon


  • rrrr

    Congress is weak. It cannot tell the Fed to do something and rely on it being done. In this affair the US government is helpless. The US is no longer a strong country. Everyone sees this. All it takes is one strong predator nation and the sheep will have its throat cut.

    • KDI

      Although myth would
      have it that the USA has been colonizing countries all over the world, in the
      interest of bringing democracy, perhaps that is the biggest myth? The USA
      is itself still a colony. That was carved in stone in 1913 with the
      Federal Reserve Act. The USA has merely been the military arm for the
      global elite.

      The USA is nearly bled dry, and for a long time,
      everyone went along relatively blissfully as they were being herded and raped
      – without even realizing it. The USA was never an empire, but just a
      tool — all of us, though difficult to acknowledge I would agree. And,
      when an empire dies, another is reborn, and the same blood-sucking vampires and
      their spawn continue to run it.

      But this time it is a lot different than when
      the usury scam started, if only due to serious climate change that will likely
      bring about the end of all of us. This uneasiness of the power elite as
      to the potential of their own mortality has made me wonder, what are they
      cooking up now in their dungeon think tanks?

    • anon

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  • somas wodi

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  • somas wodi

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  • somas wodi

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    • Diamond_Jim

      You don’t have freedom of speech on someone else’s website. Build your own…



        • Diamond_Jim

          @uncle albert Thoughtful response. We’re lucky to have an Aristotelian such as you here on this forum.

        • anon

          Troll of the Day ..award winner

  • Gen

    A well-deserved grilling.

    • Wide eyes shut.

      That was a grilling? I saw no smoke and heard no crackling of fat. That ‘s the grilling these guys and gals need.

      • Gen

        Suppose you are right there. Ought to set up a spit and turn them over to get the juices out.

  • Black

    Maybe I missed it there, somewhere, but did Mr. Yellen actually answer the question?

  • Inez Babington

    What kind of world do we live in when Lie-awatha is the only one who asks the Ponzi Munchkin a pertinent question?
    As to Lie-awatha’s motives, consider this: What if she ‘knows’ something big is about to happen? Wouldn’t clips from this video be PERFECT for ads when she is running for president?

  • anon