Scary: 38 million men that can’t get a date.

Here’s a scary concept:   38 million men that can’t get get a date.

That’s China today.   After decades of “one child policy” and horrific levels of female infanticide, the current demographic landscape is hopelessly imbalanced.   China has too many men.

While the imbalance has begun to stabilize in recent years, it will probably take decades to unwind the skew in China’s gender ratio.

With roughly 120 females to 100 males at birth, one has to ask how this imbalance will not have profound effects on Chinese society,  politics and  stability?

Roughly 120 women for every 100 men at birth. A recipe for massive social instability?


Can China with it’s massive numbers of unmarried men ever be stable?  Could any society be stable with this kind of imbalance?  What’s worse is that in China’s case, the “un-marriageable” men exist at the lowest stratum of the pay-scale.  What happens to a society whose poorest men can’t even get a date with an equally poor woman?


Elmore Leonard has written 45 books, and some have been turned into movies or TV shows.

If you’re a Chinese male and you’re not rich and good looking, you’ve got a serious problem.


Historically speaking, when a nation has has too many disaffected, seething, angry men — there’s an age old solution to the problem, and it’s called “war”.



So how much of China’s march towards militarization is an upshot of a far more serious demographic problem?


  • NotQuant

    Note: Latest statistics put the number of “extra” men at closer to 39 million.